Landscape and dog photography is what most followers know me for. Those are photo’s I love to take, but beside that I am a passionate wildlife enthusiast. For me, nothing compares to capturing wild animals in their natural environment.

During more than a year, I was often found crawling around a pack of foxes, which had made their den in a field near my house. These nocturnal predators were very shy in the beginning. But after countless hours of photographing, they were less disturbed by my presence. I passed most of my spare time with them, often daily. When I was finally accepted by this pack, they didn’t mind me being around. Their fear even turned into curiosity sometimes. The bond that was created, especially with some individually, was very special.

Throughout the year I mostly had to make night shots, without flash or artificial light. Very difficult conditions to work in (for photographers: aperture wide open @ 2.8, ISO all the way up to 16000 in my case, and hope for the best). Only during the longest days of the year (ending of June), I sometimes get the rare chance of capturing them by daylight early in the morning. Those rare moments at dawn are precious, and deliver the best shots. Just look into the eyes of this magnificent creature.